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Mountain View Elementary Parents Support Reading Celebration

Students participate in book exchange.

Parents can play a crucial role in supporting education by volunteering and getting involved in the classroom. Through the Spring myON reading challenge, Mountain View Elementary’s Parent Leadership Team (PLT) encourages academic growth by making reading fun and exciting for students. 

Throughout the month of March, Mountain View’s PLT has been hosting a variety of reading-themed challenges and events to promote reading. Students have participated in Read Across America Day and a writing challenge, with the celebration culminating in a book exchange and the myON reading challenge on March 18. “The PLT is celebrating reading at Mountain View Elementary during the month of March because we recognize the importance of making reading fun and interactive, in hopes to foster the love for reading and to establish good reading habits,” says Mountain View Elementary community liaison Patty Romero. 

Romero and the PLT know that reading is a crucial and fundamental tool for achieving academic success. “We want our children to know that books can open doors to knowledge and to worlds where imagination flows. That is why we want to make the reading celebration fun, dedicating special time in the school day for students to read their favorite books with friends in class,” shares Romero. 

More than just reading though, the PLT also inspires students to share their own stories both through the book exchange and the writing challenge. “We are also encouraging our children to write their own stories so they can understand where books come from and experience the creative process themselves,” says Romero. “We all have things to say, especially kids! We want to give the children a space to express their ideas and imagination, become an author and then share their stories with other children in the school.”

The celebration wraps up with the Spring myON reading challenge, giving students time to start a book in the hopes that they continue reading through spring break. The PLT at Mountain View Elementary is dedicated to finding new and creative ways to support students and families throughout their time in St. Vrain Valley Schools.

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